Seminar Organized By Mozillian


A very fascinating seminar is held in Metropolitan University today at Professor Habibur Rahman Library hall on introducing Mozilla Products and development by the Mozillians.
In the main event there were some extensive discussion on Mozilla Foundation and Mozilla Corporation by the speakers/Mozilla student ambassador. They also introduced students with Mozilla products such as Firefox, Webmaker, Market Place, Thunderbird, Bugzilla, FireBug, API and more. There were brief conversation on Joining Mozilla
At the second segment of the Programme Nowshad (a student ambassador) is made students acquaintance with some Mozilla tools, such as X-ray googles, Thimble, Popcorn Maker and App Maker.
At the end of the Programme students build their own app using those tools. Moreover a quiz contest is also held and winners were awarded with some Mozillian products.
Students from the department of CSE and others attend the event as well as some teachers of Metropolitan University also enjoyed the programme.