Our Research


There is a full-fledged research cell named ‘Center for Research and Publication’ working within the Metropolitan University under the supervision of a professor. The goal of the research Centre is to encourage, conduct and publicize research. The Centre conducts seminars, workshops, tours and publishes various research/resource materials on current issues. Teaching and research should go side by side. Teaching with research can become more useful, effective and interesting than without it. Conducting studies and research presumably supports and enriches teaching materials. For this reason Metropolitan University established Centre for Research and Publication. The conduct studies and research on various aspects/issues of business administration with a view to generating information primarily for use in teaching.
CRP has organized so far talks and seminars on the following topics:
1. Research Methodology
2. Industrial Management with reference to Chatak Cement Co. Ltd.
3. Banking system in Bangladesh.
4. Herbal Medicine: Efficiency and potentials.
5. Poverty Reduction Strategy of the Govt. of Bangladesh.
6. Research Techniques as applied to Business Management.
7. Challenge in Management: A case of Lafarze Plant.
8. Environment Impact of Land Use Pattern Change in Sylhet region.