CSE Syllabus


Course List CSE (from Autumn 2014)

Total Credit: 150

Core + Elective Courses: 105, Science & Mathematics: 24, General Education: 21

CSE 111Computer Technology3
CSE 121Structured Programming3
CSE 122Structured Programming Lab1.5
CSE 123Basic Electrical Engineering3
CSE 124Basic Electrical Engineering Lab1.5
CSE 125Discrete Mathematics3
CSE 131Basic Electronics Engineering3
CSE 132Basic Electronics Engineering Lab1.5
CSE 133Data Structure3
CSE 134Data Structure Lab1.5
CSE 200Project1.5
CSE 211Digital logic Design3
CSE 212Digital logic Design Lab1.5
CSE 213Computer Organization and Architecture3
CSE 215Telecommunication Principles3
CSE 221Object Oriented Programming3
CSE 222Object Oriented Programming Lab1.5
CSE 223Database Management System3
CSE 224Database Management System Lab1.5
CSE 231Algorithm3
CSE 232Algorithm Lab1.5
CSE 235Microprocessor & Assembly Language3
CSE 236Microprocessor & Assembly Language Lab1.5
CSE 300Project
CSE 311Computer Networks
CSE 312Computer Networks Lab
CSE 315Computer Peripherals & Interfacing
CSE 316Computer Peripherals & Interfacing Lab
CSE 321Operating System
CSE 322Operating System Lab
CSE 323Web Programming
CSE 324Web Programming Lab
CSE 327Theory of Computation
CSE 331Computer Graphics and Multimedia
CSE 332Computer Graphics and Multimedia Lab
CSE 413Optical Communication
CSE 415Compiler Construction
CSE 416Compiler Construction Lab
CSE 421Artificial Intelligence
CSE 422Artificial Intelligence Lab
CSE 423Software Engineering
CSEOptional Theory 1
CSEOptional Lab 1
CSEOptional Theory 2
CSEOptional Lab 2
CSEOptional 3
CSE 426Final Year Project (Compulsory)
CSE 436Final Year Project (Compulsory)


Science & Mathematic Courses

PHY 111Physics I
PHY 124Physics II
STA 215Basic Statistics & Probability
MAT 112Differential and Integral Calculus
MAT 123Differential Equations & Laplace transform.
MAT 135Matrices, CV & Fourier analysis
MAT 216Geometry & Vector Analysis
MAT 235Numerical Methods/ Analysis


General Education

GED 113Communicative English Language – I3
GED 125Communicative English Language – II3
GED 233Bangladesh Studies3
GED 219Engineering Economics3
GED 321Accounting3
GED 421Industrial Management3
GED 431Business Communication3


Optional Courses:

CSE 331Computer Graphics and Multimedia3
CSE 332Computer Graphics and Multimedia Lab1.5
CSE 413Optical Communication3
CSE 414Optical Communication Lab.1.5
CSE 425Neural Network3
CSE 426Neural Network Lab1.5
CSE 431VLSI Design3
CSE 432VLSI Design Lab1.5
CSE 441Digital Signal Processing3
CSE 442Digital Signal Processing Lab1.5
CSE 443Natural Language Processing3
CSE 444Natural Language Processing Lab1.5
CSE 455Contemporary Course on Computer Science3
CSE 456Contemporary Course (Lab) on Computer Science1.5
CSE 457Parallel Processing3
CSE 458Parallel Processing Lab1.5
CSE 461Distributed System3
CSE 462Distributed System Lab1.5
CSE 463Advanced Database System3
CSE 464Advanced Database System Lab1.5
CSE 465Digital Image Processing3
CSE 466Digital Image Processing Lab1.5
CSE 469Bioinformatics Computing3
CSE 470Bioinformatics Computing Lab1.5
CSE 471Machine Learning3
CSE 472Machine Learning Lab1.5